Saddle-Stand Design Illustration

The creative process at Jorge Kurczyn Furniture begins by preparing a detailed drawing of the handcrafted furniture that we are to build. In this case, the drawing was of our Valiente Polo Saddle Stand. Handcrafted from solid timber, this saddle stand is embellished with accessories made by hand by our skilled craftsmen. The horn has a hand carved scroll design, and below the horn is a hand tooled copper plaque with a copper ring. The saddle stand has a hand hammered copper panel on its front, with three functional drawers, each covered with hand hammered copper. Centered in each drawer is a copper pull handle, and on each side of the handle are hand tooled designs. The reverse side of the saddle stand has a hand hammered copper panel with customized hand tooled designs that include the word “Valiente”, with a hand tooled polo mallet on each side. The saddle stand is adorned with side wood panels and it rest on solid wood feet connected with a curved, wood stretcher. You can view our spectacular, handcrafted saddle stands in our website at:

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