From Hacienda Santa Klara is a prominent western furniture designer and manufacturer in America. His Western furniture and saddle stands have been embraced by the Western community worldwide.

His dedication to his profession sets the standard for Western furniture, including saddle stands.

One main reason for his success is his years of experience being surrounded by beautiful solid Hacienda furniture and horses. He understands the value of saddles and tack, especially when they hold dear memories or are part of a family history. His saddle stands are unique from the start.

He began designing and making saddle stands years ago to accommodate the saddles and bridles at Hacienda Santa Klara. He soon realized that his functional and beautiful furniture also made great saddle stands, which became the center of attention and popular demand. In 1997, he created a unique saddle stand line called "Casero," which means "home" in Spanish. This saddle stand was of furniture quality and elegant, and it was sold to the public.

He introduced the Casero saddle stand to the King Ranch Saddle shop in Texas, a renowned saddle maker dating back to the 1800s. Copper panels were added to the saddle stand with beautiful hand-tooled designs that represented the West. The stand could also be customized with the customer's brand or initials. The Casero saddle stand became known as the "Running W" King Ranch Saddle Stand. The legacy of designing beautiful furniture and saddle racks for the western world continues to this day.