Marshall Saddle Stands

The handcrafted Marshall saddle stand is supported by a beautiful, hand forged iron structure with a decorative French twist design. The low front of the saddle stand is adorned with ornate, scrolled hand forged iron. All of the hand forged iron work is performed in our factory by our skilled craftsmen. This custom saddle stand rest on a durable, solid “H” wood base. The majority of our saddle stands are decorated with hand forged iron accessories made by our skilled craftsmen, such as the hand forged iron ring that adorns the front panel. This saddle stand can be personalized by including your initials or ranch brand in the design. Our saddle stands are designed to resemble a horse’s backbone. It does not matter how big your saddle is, it will sit perfectly on the saddle stand, and the saddle stand will not rollover. Made from solid timber, the saddle stand is guaranteed for life. It is 100% customizable.
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