JKM Handcrafted Saddle Stands and saddle racks are one-of-a-kind, unique with their own western personality. They resemble the back of a horse and are designed hold your saddle in place, with a perfect fit minimizing any rolling over possibilities.

All accessories are handmade by us 100% guaranteed. Our workers are not just wood craftsmen, they also repair saddles so they understand the construction of a saddle and what it takes to make a perfect saddle stand or saddle rack. We specialize in every category of saddle stands and saddle racks from Western to English or Spanish. We call our craftsmen "Haskeros", here at Hacienda Santa Klara "Haskero" is the spanish word given to the master craftsman who has earned the title based on his years of experience. Our saddle stands and saddle racks are signed, dated and guaranteed for life.


You can work directly with us and incorporate your ideas, for your own custom made saddle stand or saddle rack. Choose whatever material, or details you like. The idea is for you to be 100% satisfied with your saddle stand or saddle rack design. With today's technology we can send you pictures for your approval.

Depending on the style there is no extra charge for any modifications to the saddle stand or saddle rack.


Based on the saddle-stand or saddle rack design you choose, our designers and Haskeros will take control of the project. After your approval and carefully reviewing the design with us, it then goes into production. We assure you our high standards of quality are meet at each step of the process. Once the assembly has been done, the next stage involves hand sanding to a flawless finish for the final staining. It usually takes from 3 to 4 different colour coatings to get just the right stain colour. We develop our own stains and polyurethanes, 100% guaranteed to be safe.


Our in house blacksmith, will make the hardware by hand, paying attention to all minute details, for they know their talent play a main role in our finished products. copper and forg iron work makes our saddle stands and racks unique and one of a kind. Just for the record our blacksmith those not use a blowtorch.