Polo Pony Saddle Stand

JK Polo Saddle Stand allows you to warm up, get a quick workout, or maintain your swing, whether you are a beginner or a pro. All polo players know that having full control of your mallet is key to having a good swing. Practicing your swing at the proper height is the best thing you can do to build judgment and muscle tone. This pony is constructed to hold the weight and maneuver abilities of a polo player while running down a polo field and swinging a polo mallet. Your practice pony can be manufactured to any height from 16 to 14 hands, as per your request. The bottom skirt of the stand is designed to restrict the ball from entering underneath your swinging limits. The pony's mane is protected with foam and leather for comfort when practicing your neck swing. It comes with a storage shelf and a bracket designed to hold your favorite polo mallets. It is very sturdy and solidly built, with all the details and comfort to give you hours of workout.