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Built 100% with organic wood

Introducing our Santiago saddle stand, a new member to our saddle stand family. We decided to create this all around saddle stand model to display your saddle, in the image of it's brother, the Casero saddle stand that created the standards for all saddle stands. The Santiago models are hand built from the same original scale as the Casero.

Don't let Santiago slim look fool you, it is solid built and strong lighter than his brother easy to handle, a perfect saddle stand for the tack room or barn.

We offer the Santiago saddle stands with a variety of front panel's and finish options from very simple to leather and or custom design colors. Give us your decorating ideas and we will incorporate them to your stand.

Saddle Stands by Jorge Kurczyn M. de Hacienda Santa Klara. Manufacturing solid wood horse accessories and Saddle Stands/saddle racks for the elegant western community for the past 18 years.

Convert your saddle into a beautiful masterpiece that goes with the fine decor of your home, office, etc.
CREDIT CARDS We accept Credit cards, your credit card information is highly confidential and protected by us. We do not store any personal or credit card information in our system. Once your purchase is complete your credit card and personal information is automatically deleted. However if you plan to be a regular customer on requests we can store your information.

Your first and last name will remain with us for tracking your merchandise. We also accept personal or company checks, and of course handshakes.

Once your order is completed,our shipping time is anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks to reach their destination. Our saddle stands are 100% handmade with your personal touch this requires precision work that equals to time.

We ship our products worldwide through FedEx, it also depends on there circumstances, but normally we give them one week of grace included in our time frame. But if you have a perference as to your delivery company it is totally acceptable to us, we will contact them as per you request and arrange delivery. When deliver make sure to inspect the box. It's very rare that delivery companies damage our merchandise they are well crate and with plenty of protection. Be prepare to dissemble the crate and on rap the saddle stand, you will need a strong powerful drill to unscrew the wood crate. For more visual details and information about our products visit Jorge Kurczyn youtube video collections. Register with us on Facebook to stay in touch with us and see the latest furniture and saddle stands designs. Thank you.

100% HANDCARVED punto 100% SOLID WOOD punto 100% HANDMADE punto 100% FORGED METAL punto 100% GUARANTEED
In the Western world it is standard to personalize items with your initials or brand, especially when it's custom-made or adjusted to your standards. Personal branding is considered a classic touch/ownership. As your manufacturer, upon your request, we offer branding or initials of your choice or design by us for a minimum cost. The brands/iron will be custom-made for you and saved for future purchases.

Most prominent western furniture and saddle stand designer/manufacturer in America. From his heart to paper converting art to construction SEE VIDEO 1.
With hundreds of saddle stands sitting in homes, stores, barns, restaurants, across the globe. The 1st luxury solid wood saddle stand manufacture in America for retail and responsible for setting the standards for what we call luxury saddle stands today. It is very obvious when you serve the Internet looking for saddle stands, you'll notice that the majority of the saddle stand makers try to imitate JKM saddle stands designs.
Luxury Saddle Stands by JKM are the most popular saddle stands in the market.
Other saddle stands are not built like ours. SEE VIDEO 3

JKM saddle stands are built to last for generations and guaranteed for life by JKM.
Each unit is constructed by very skilled craftsmen representing his heritage and woodworking skills these individuals are almost impossible to fine today. That is why when you order a saddle stand from us make sure you add your personal touch initial's or ranch brand either on the copper or burn on the wood for example see our saddle stands below. Your saddle stand will represent your saddle history and you for many years to come. JKM saddle stands are not just pieces of lumber or plywood put together with a lacquer finish. They are the best in the market "Way above the herd".

If you're in the market for a handsome heirloom saddle stand and can wait 8 to 10 weeks for delivery it would be an investment that will represent you for generations.

In the 90's JKM introduced The Casero Saddle Stand to the King Ranch of Texas Saddle shop, one of the best saddle makers in Texas dating back to the 1800's. Copper panels were added to the saddle stand with beautiful hand tooled designs that represented the west and/or customize with the customer's brand or initials. The "Casero" saddle stand became known as the running "W " King Ranch Saddle Stand" SEE VIDEO 1.
JKM legacy of designing beautiful furniture and saddle stand for the western world continues to this day.

Demo Saddle Stands
Demo Saddle Stands


Our saddle stands/saddle racks are designed to support your saddle in the most perfect way. The majority of our saddle stands are decorated with hand forged iron accessories to tie our designs to your saddle. We use our traditional hand hammered copper panels with hand tooled detail western designs for greater personality. Our solid wood horse accessories saddle stands/saddle racks are the best in the market, you be the judge. Handcrafted from solid timber.

If you are not sure about a style, send us a picture of your saddle or tell us what you have in mind. We can help you choose a style or custom make one for you, including horse accessories.

Our saddle stands are design to resemble a horses backbone. It doesn't matter how big your saddle is, it will sit perfect. In fact our saddle stands are so perfect that your saddle will not rollover. Your saddle will always sit straight even with a saddle blanket. Our saddle stands are made to allow you to climb enjoy your saddle, as demonstrated by Jorge KM. Our saddle stand design allows you to use the cinch to secure the saddle for better safety.

SADDLE STANDS design and manufacture by Jorge Kurczyn are built solid and with a purpose, to preserve the shape of the saddle for years to come. Unique in design to complement your saddle and converted your family history into a beautiful architectural interior Element.

Platina copper samples











Wood stains samples

Old spanish Brown 2

Old spanish brown oscuro

Canela Claro

Canela oscuro

Cafe mediano

Cafe oscuro

Cafe & rojo mediano

Cafe & rojo oscuro

Wood distress finish samples

Old spanish brown con acentos en negro

Old spanish brown & negro

Old spanish brown rojo & azul turquesa

Old spanish brown blanco & verde turquesa

Old spanish brown verde turquesa & azul turquesa

Old spanish brown cafe, rojo & oro

Old spanish brown & cafe
100% HANDCARVED punto 100% SOLID WOOD punto 100% HANDMADE punto 100% FORGED METAL punto 100% GUARANTEED
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Corriente saddle stands

Corriente 01
USD 175.00
corriente 02
USD 300.00
corriente 02a
USD 300.00
Corriente 03
USD 375.00
Corriente 04a
USD 375.00
Corriente 04b
USD 325.00
Corriente 04c
USD 400.00
Corriente 04d
USD 400.00
Corriente 05
USD 350.00
Corriente 06
USD 325.00
Corriente 06a
USD 325.00

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