Please contact us for pricing.


Our shipping is done from our distribution center located in South Central United States, in Laredo, Texas. As soon as your merchandise arrives to our distribution center they will contact you to arrange the delivery date. There is no rush, we can store your saddle stand for a resonable amount of time to work around your schedule. If you are located in Texas you can request direct shipping through us. Our showroom is located in Dallas, Texas. If you have any questions about hot shooting or special deliveries contact us.

Standard delivery time for saddle stands is 4-6 weeks or if stock 2 weeks. Please allow more time for all custom made saddle stands. Customers may request photos to view saddle stands/furniture during the building process. Our distribution office will work closely with you to find a shipping company with the best rates for your saddle stand destination.


A minimun of 50% down of the total cost is required. The total cost of the saddle stands includes packing and shipping to our distribution warehouse located in Laredo, Texas. Prior to shipping your merchandise, the remaining balance should be paid before the saddle stands leaves our distribution center. We accept handshakes, credit cards, checks and money orders. If you have any questions concerning payment or shipping please contact us anytime.


If you are handicaped, confined to a wheelchair, and in need of a special type of furniture to accomodate your needs, please let me know. I will make it for free. It is my way of thanking my God and Country.