Chaparral 03-17

$ 1,250.00

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Dimensions: 21.5" W x 36" H x 30" D
The copper panels adorning our handcrafted saddle stands may be embellished with about any design that you may imagine. Each drawer of this Chaparral saddle stand is adorned with a silver-plated, hand hammered copper panel. The top drawer is enriched with two, tooled, Spanish colonial style crosses, the middle drawer features tooled, horse’s head details, and the bottom drawer is decorated with two, tooled, western boots. Centered in each drawer is a forged iron pull handle, and the panels are bordered with a tooled lasso design. The front of its solid wood frame is embellished with a forged iron ring and plaque. The saddle stands are 100% customizable, including the copper design and the finish.
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