Santiago Saddle Stand

We would like to introduce our Santiago saddle stand, a new member to our saddle stand family. This new model was created in the image of its brother, the Casero saddle stand, which is the standard for all saddle stands. The Santiago is hand-built on the same scale as the Casero, but it is lighter. Don’t let the Santiago’s slim look fool you, as it is solidly built and strong. We offer the Santiago saddle stand with a variety of front panels and a wide range of stain or finish options. You may choose from very simple to custom design colors or full grain leather upholstery. Give us your decorating ideas and we will incorporate them into your saddle stand design. Constructed to resemble a horse’s back, it does not matter how big your saddle is, it will sit perfectly on the saddle stand, and the saddle will not rollover. Built with solid timber wood, the saddle stands are 100% customizable and are guaranteed for life.